Sunday, September 14, 2014

Votes are Open - Spellbinder & A Gilded Life Contest Begins Now!!

Pleased as punch to be one of the 12 finalists in the ever so lovely Gilded Life for Spellbinder contest! I hope you will take a moment to vote, every vote counts, and I'm sooooo hoping to win!  I have dreamed of the Spellbound event for several years, and would be OVER THE MOON, if I win!!! 

Here's the link, and just in case you're wondering how voting can give one vote for each device (iPad, smart phone, desktop, work etc).

Thank you so much for taking the time to vote!! xoXo xoXo


Friday, August 22, 2014

Spellbinders Creating A Gilded Life Contest! - part deux

So, I didn't read carefully enough on the instructions - big no no.  The projects were to be uploaded by midnight Eastern Time!!! Goober here!  But nevertheless, I finished this project, I'm proud of it, so I'm gonna share it!

Best of luck to all you Spellbinder contestants!!! What an amazing prize and gift to share with two special individuals!

Spellbinders Creating A Gilded Life Contest!

So, I decided to participate in this killer contest sponsored by Spellbinders & A Gilded Life.  The prize, you ask? Two seats, hotel and flight at A Gilded Life Spellboud event!! Um hello, of course I'm going to enter. Especially cuz it let me play with all their amazing new products.  I have two projects I'm submitting, one for Home Decor and one for Jewelry.  I'll post more pics later for the jewelry piece I created...but for now, here's the Gilded Chandelier...

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New Classes - Registration Open!!!

 Several of you have asked what & where my latest workshops are, so I figured a blog post was in order...especially for those of you who are not on Facebook.  It's easiest to look at one post, so here are all the current classes scheduled - keep in mind, my brain is buzzing with class ideas, and more will be coming.

The classes will be hosted at one of three locations: Scrapbook Island, A Work of Heart & Intrepid Thread

"Leather Workshop Part 2"
Intrepid Thread - milpitas, ca
August 9th 12-5pm
To Register See Paypal Button (right tab of blog)

"Faux Seaglass & Reverse Molds"
A Work of Heart - san jose, ca
August 15th, 6-8pm
To Register Click Link Below

"Shabby Little Tins"
Intrepid Thread - milpitas, ca
August 24th 11-3pm
To Register See Paypal Button (right tab of blog)

"A Seaside Story"Scrapbook Island  - san jose, ca
Saturday, September 6th
To Register Click Link Below

"A Trip to France"
A Work of Heart - san jose, ca
September 10th, 6-8pm
To Register Click Link Below

"Boo Tags"
A Work of Heart - san jose, ca 
September 17th, 6-9pm
To Register Click Link Below

"Witchery Stitchery"Scrapbook Island - san jose, ca

"Wiggling Witches"
A Work of Heart - san jose, ca  
October 2nd, 6-8pm
To Register Click Link Below

"Boo Tags & Pumpkin Stand"
Scrapbook Island - san jose, ca
 Sunday, October 5th
To Register Click Link Below


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Leather Workshop - PART TWO!!

Save The Date!  I'm adding a part two to your latest favorite, Leather Workshop!  Here are some deets, get your spot...the first one filled faaaaaaast!  A heads up, we'll be inside (AC) for this workshop, at Intrepid Thread! Woohoo!

What: Leather Workshop Part 2
Saturday, August 09, 2014
Where:  Intrepid Thread -  1709 S. Main St., Milpitas, CA 95035
Lunch: Pack one or eat Jack n' Box across the street

Cutting leather from scratch & finishing edges
Chalk painting leather
Staining leather
Attaching etched metal
Adding eyelets to leather
Attaching bezels to leather
Repeat of the basics: 
Setting rivets and snaps
Metal Stamping

Oh, and the Paypal link is up (top right bar).

Ciao' for now!

Monday, June 30, 2014

A Seaside Story: Etching Workshop and Leather & Stamping Workshop

Leather & Stamping Workshop was such a success & there was a great deal of interest to teach it one more time.  As such, I have decided to add it to the calendar one more time in July.  I am also teaching an Etching Workshop, where we complete this delish project!  Yup, you get to etch and make a gorgeous necklace you can walk out with. The class listings & PayPal buttons are to the right of this post - for convenience purposes.  For any questions or for a supply list/class description of A Seaside Story, email me.

A Seaside Story: Etching Workshop

What: Etching Workshop
Time: 12-4pm 
Where: Chateau Grenzer
Lunch: Pack a brown bag lunch & beverage 
We will be making this complete project in class, as it is always fun to walk away with a completed piece.  I will be covering etching 101 details & you will be able to etch multiple pieces (in addition to your centerpiece).  So, if you're planning to sign up for my 7/26/14 Leather & Stamping Workshop, you'll have a few etched pieces perfect for this class!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Leather & Stamping Workshop

What: Leather & Stamping Workshop
When: 7/26/14
Time: 12-4pm 
Where: Chateau Grenzer
Lunch: Pack a brown bag lunch & beverage

I'm finally offering a basic leather workshop!  For years, people have asked how I cold connect to leather, add snaps & attach rhinestone rivets...I'm pleased to say...NOW!  I'm offering a max class size of 10, and these are first come first serve. PayPal Link/Registration is all set up on the right side bar of the blog.

Project 1: Using leather cord, we'll create a wrap around bracelet, adding jump rings & lobster closure.You may opt to add charms, metal stamped tags, beads or to attach your sheet metal with rivets

Project 2 : We will metal stamp words, phrases or designs into sheet metal, cut/shape/file our metal finding, patina, punch holes & cold connect with rivets to our already assembled leather cuff.

Project 3
Learn to customize your leather designs with leather stamping & designs. If you bring additional metal stampings & charms, you may also opt to add those to this piece. An optional item to add is leather flowers which will be attached with snaps

Kit Includes:
1 foot of Leather Cord
(6) Brass Rivets
Brass Lobster Claw
Brass Jumprings
Leather Flower(s)
Plain Snap Leather Cuff
Buckle Leather Cuff
Brass Sheet Metal

Use of:
Metal Stamps (3 fonts available)
Leather Stamps
Rivet & Snap Setting Tools
Metal Hole Punch
Leather Hole Punch 
Mini Misters

Supply List:
  • Bench Block
  • Metal Sheers or Tin Snips
  • Jewelers File or Sanding Block
  • Foam Pad or Bench Block Cushion (to absorb the sound)
  • Hammer or Rawhide Mallet (making memories hammers are great)
  • Sharpie
  • Ruler
  • Scissors (tim holtz red handle is great)
  • Etched Sheet Metal (optional - if you have it, bring it)
  • Jewelry Pliers (including Keiba cutters if you have them)
  • Metal Hole Punch Pliers
  • Melody Ross Stamps (if you have them)
  • Metal Stamps (if you have them - any font will do)
  • Size 0 Paint Brush
  • Baby Wipes
If you have them, also bring:
*Brass Stampings
* Etched Sheet Metal or Scraps of Sheet Metal
*Leather Scraps
*Mini Nuts & Bolts

- If you do not have any of these supplies, go to A Work of Heart & mention you're taking class with me - you get 10% off your purchase:
A Work of Heart Studio
2196 Lincoln Ave
San Jose, CA 95126
Example of Metal Stamping attached with extra leather scrap, rivets & leather stamping technique

Example of Embossed Sheet Metal, rivet attachment & Scrap Sheet Metal cold connected with mini nuts & bolts

Example of Metal Stamping connected with Rivet Connection & Scrap Sheet Metal charm attachment

Example of Wrap Bracelet we will be making

Example of Etched Metal attached with Rivets & mini nuts & bolts used here