Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Leather Workshop - PART TWO!!

Save The Date!  I'm adding a part two to your latest favorite, Leather Workshop!  Here are some deets, get your spot...the first one filled faaaaaaast!  A heads up, we'll be inside (AC) for this workshop, at Intrepid Thread! Woohoo!

What: Leather Workshop Part 2
Saturday, August 09, 2014
Where:  Intrepid Thread -  1709 S. Main St., Milpitas, CA 95035
Lunch: Pack one or eat Jack n' Box across the street

Cutting leather from scratch & finishing edges
Chalk painting leather
Staining leather
Attaching etched metal
Adding eyelets to leather
Attaching bezels to leather
Repeat of the basics: 
Setting rivets and snaps
Metal Stamping

Oh, and the Paypal link is up (top right bar).

Ciao' for now!

Monday, June 30, 2014

A Seaside Story: Etching Workshop and Leather & Stamping Workshop

Leather & Stamping Workshop was such a success & there was a great deal of interest to teach it one more time.  As such, I have decided to add it to the calendar one more time in July.  I am also teaching an Etching Workshop, where we complete this delish project!  Yup, you get to etch and make a gorgeous necklace you can walk out with. The class listings & PayPal buttons are to the right of this post - for convenience purposes.  For any questions or for a supply list/class description of A Seaside Story, email me.

A Seaside Story: Etching Workshop

What: Etching Workshop
Time: 12-4pm 
Where: Chateau Grenzer
Lunch: Pack a brown bag lunch & beverage 
We will be making this complete project in class, as it is always fun to walk away with a completed piece.  I will be covering etching 101 details & you will be able to etch multiple pieces (in addition to your centerpiece).  So, if you're planning to sign up for my 7/26/14 Leather & Stamping Workshop, you'll have a few etched pieces perfect for this class!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Leather & Stamping Workshop

What: Leather & Stamping Workshop
When: 7/26/14
Time: 12-4pm 
Where: Chateau Grenzer
Lunch: Pack a brown bag lunch & beverage

I'm finally offering a basic leather workshop!  For years, people have asked how I cold connect to leather, add snaps & attach rhinestone rivets...I'm pleased to say...NOW!  I'm offering a max class size of 10, and these are first come first serve. PayPal Link/Registration is all set up on the right side bar of the blog.

Project 1: Using leather cord, we'll create a wrap around bracelet, adding jump rings & lobster closure.You may opt to add charms, metal stamped tags, beads or to attach your sheet metal with rivets

Project 2 : We will metal stamp words, phrases or designs into sheet metal, cut/shape/file our metal finding, patina, punch holes & cold connect with rivets to our already assembled leather cuff.

Project 3
Learn to customize your leather designs with leather stamping & designs. If you bring additional metal stampings & charms, you may also opt to add those to this piece. An optional item to add is leather flowers which will be attached with snaps

Kit Includes:
1 foot of Leather Cord
(6) Brass Rivets
Brass Lobster Claw
Brass Jumprings
Leather Flower(s)
Plain Snap Leather Cuff
Buckle Leather Cuff
Brass Sheet Metal

Use of:
Metal Stamps (3 fonts available)
Leather Stamps
Rivet & Snap Setting Tools
Metal Hole Punch
Leather Hole Punch 
Mini Misters

Supply List:
  • Bench Block
  • Metal Sheers or Tin Snips
  • Jewelers File or Sanding Block
  • Foam Pad or Bench Block Cushion (to absorb the sound)
  • Hammer or Rawhide Mallet (making memories hammers are great)
  • Sharpie
  • Ruler
  • Scissors (tim holtz red handle is great)
  • Etched Sheet Metal (optional - if you have it, bring it)
  • Jewelry Pliers (including Keiba cutters if you have them)
  • Metal Hole Punch Pliers
  • Melody Ross Stamps (if you have them)
  • Metal Stamps (if you have them - any font will do)
  • Size 0 Paint Brush
  • Baby Wipes
If you have them, also bring:
*Brass Stampings
* Etched Sheet Metal or Scraps of Sheet Metal
*Leather Scraps
*Mini Nuts & Bolts

- If you do not have any of these supplies, go to A Work of Heart & mention you're taking class with me - you get 10% off your purchase:
A Work of Heart Studio
2196 Lincoln Ave
San Jose, CA 95126
Example of Metal Stamping attached with extra leather scrap, rivets & leather stamping technique

Example of Embossed Sheet Metal, rivet attachment & Scrap Sheet Metal cold connected with mini nuts & bolts

Example of Metal Stamping connected with Rivet Connection & Scrap Sheet Metal charm attachment

Example of Wrap Bracelet we will be making

Example of Etched Metal attached with Rivets & mini nuts & bolts used here

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Plaster Play - June 14th

Plaster Play is up on the schedule, and we're planning to get ewy gewy creating these delightful little dresses.  Think vintage baby doll or baby dress, vintage lace and plaster!!! Yummo! If you're interested in joining, the link is all set up on the right tab, simply click the link, pay and you're set!  It's always fun to get the girls together to play.

Keep in mind, my Spring & Summer classes are in the outdoor classroom...Momma always said it's good to breath in the fresh air, and I looooove teaching outside - so inspirational!  So it's always a good idea to dress according to the current climate.  For you newbies at Chateau Grenzer, this is my private home and studio space & a place to gather with kindred spirits.  We are a laid back group of creative women and love playing in a kick back environment.

Class Details...

Plaster Play

Who: Lexi Grenzer
What: Plaster Play
When: June 14, 2014
Time: 12-4pm
Where: Chateau Grenzer – private residence, so please use the studio entrance

Kit Includes:
Encaustic Wax
Chalk Paint
Images printed on cotton sheets*
 Ribbon & Sari Silks
Vintage Buttons
Coffee Dyed Cheesecloth
Wee Wood Hangers
Cream Colored Embroidery Floss

Supply List:
Aileen’s Tacky Glue
Heat Tool
Craft Sheet or Plastic Sleeve (like for paper)
Vintage Ribbon, Lace or Fabrics you wish to incorporate
Vintage Baby Dress or Doll Dress**
Tea Dye or Vintage Photo Distress Ink Pad
Chalk Paint (optional) – if you already have some
Needle & Preferred Embroidery Floss Color (if you don’t want cream)

*I will print your preferred images on one sheet of 8x11 cotton.  I would love to have them printed before class, so if you could email me 4 to 6 of your favorite images & sizes, that would be wonderful.  It helps to look at your dresses and determine size preference.  Typically 4x6 or 5x7 is a great size. If your dresses are more doll sized, 3x3 is great too.

**Vintage Doll or Baby Dress – You can find them on etsy or in your local antique shops.  If you are unable to find one before class, I will have some for sale too.  There is time to complete several dresses, so if you wish to bring more, feel free to do so.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Blossoming in Benicia

I'm always blown away at the tremendous creativity and opportunity for creative growth in the Bay Area.  We have so many delightful art studios, boutiques and retreats available to us, and with each of them we have teachers a plenty.  The newest creative spot available to us, is now run by one of our own creative sisters, Ann Hammes.  I have long called Ann a professional student, as she travels far and wide for the most amazing retreats and crafty getaways.  I'm so excited to watch her store, Femmage, blossom in lovely Benicia, CA.  Femmage (formerly Hip Chix) was owned and run by Carrie Campbell Clayden.  Another amazing creative sister, Carrie is off to her next adventure in Santa Cruz, CA.  Thank goodness she's not traveling too far, we can never get enough of her delightful pet portrait & tutu painting classes!

I hope you will take a sunny drive to the Benicia to visit & support our friend in her newest endeavor.  We are so excited to see what you do with Femmage, and I'm told the inventory is going to be AWESOME!  I heard word that she already has Chalk Paint, Tina Haller pillows, gorgeous Parisian inspirations, one of a kind jewelry by amazing designers and so much more to come!

I will be teaching a couple of short workshops in April, should you decide to carpool over and have a day of creative play!  These are the two workshops offered.  I hope you will come on out!

If you're interested in enrolling, contact Ann Hammes directly at femmage13@gmail.com

April 5, 2013 (2hrs - $45)
946 Tyler St, Benicia, CA 94510

For many already using ICE Resin ®, you’re continuously looking for that next way to use or incorporate it into your art work.  As mixed media artists we have so many amazing options available to us.  So when a new technique becomes available using many of the already existing supplies in our crafty tool boxes, it only adds to the thrill of it all.  We will be doing just that with my Nesting class.  This class is open to beginners and advanced resin artist.  Some of the techniques included are mixing custom resin colors, stamping on resin, cold connections, making a wire nest and basic jewelry making skills.

Supply List:
Stazon ink pad - black
Favorite rubber stamps (backgrounds, French Script etc)
Baby wipes
Old cookie sheet (for transport of your wet resin pieces)
Craft sheet (non stick)
Jewelry pliers: needle nose, chain nose & wire cutters
Heat tool
*Optional (more empty pendants & bezels for filling)
**Rubber gloves, if you have sensitive skin or are pregnant

Kit Includes:
Rue Romantique Bezel
Brass Bird
Brass Wire
Freshwater Pearl

April 5, 2013 (2hrs - $35)
946 Tyler St, Benicia, CA 94510

Julie Nutting’s Mixed Media Doll stamps have taken our crafty world by storm.  And as a Mixed Media artist and jewelry designer, I’m always looking for the next great way to incorporate paper craft into my designs.  Join me in this workshop to create your own sassy paper doll pendant.  We will be using the newest dolls to hit the stores, and I’ll be showing you how to create a layered resin look with only one pour!  We will also be using the most basic of watercolor skills, so if you’re a novice, feel free to join in the fun. Once our dolls are painted and layered, I’ll show you how to cast your pieces with crystal clear jewelers grade ICE Resin ®.  This project does not require any jewelry making or painting skills.

Supply List:
Ranger Craft Sheet
Jewelry Pliers (chain nose, round nose & flush cutter)
Fine Tip Sharpie
Fine tip paper cutting scissors
Old Grubby Cookie Sheet (for transporting your wet resin home on)

Kit Includes:
Watercolor Paper
Media Mixage Bezel
Ball Chain
Brass Jumprings & Charm

Use of:
Mixed Media Doll Rubberstamps
Watercolor Paints
Watercolor Paint Brush
Die Cut Machine

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Spring Workshops

Hello Ladies!

We have some lovely workshops coming up, and I wanted to let you all know what they are. All enrollment links are set up (right tab), in the event that you are ready to sign up.  Please keep in mind the classes will be held either here at Chateau Grenzer (Los Gatos) or Intrepid Thread (Milpitas).  If you have any questions, please leave a comment or email me, and I will get back to you.

March 22, 2014
Teacher: Tina Haller
Class: Polymer Bunny ($100)
Location: Chateau Grenzer - 10 student max
Time: 10-4

April 12, 2014
Teacher: Kristen Robinson
Class: Photo Etching (Jewelry - $125)
Location: Intrepid Thread
Etching remains one of the most amazing techniques available. That said photo etching takes something wonderful and makes it truly amazing. In class we will be etching away – creating personal pieces of artwork that not only look incredible but also tell a story.

After we create our divine etchings we will integrate them into a lovely bracelet that can also be worn as a necklace. Come prepared to be inspired, work with new tools and learn an amazing etching technique sure to become one of your favorites.

Kit Includes
Velvet Ribbon – Neutral Color
Silk Ribbon
Brass Wire
2 3x3 sheets of brass to etch
Needle and Thread

Please Bring
High Quality, High Contrast Image Printed onto a Photocopy Transparency  (this must be done on a toner printer)
1 Yard of Ribbon if you do not wish to use a neutral color

April 13, 2014
Teacher: Kristen Robinson
Class: My Heart's Story (Mixed Media - $125)
Location: Chateau Grenzer (CHANGE OF LOCATION)
Wood panels are absolutely divine to work with, as not only are they readily available but dimensional in their own way. Join me as we walk through a painted journey together. Layers of paint, papers and found objects combine to create a tale of sorts, our tales if you will.
We will be working with stencils, wax, vintage papers, molding paste paint and much more. Each student will leave class with three completed panels. Everything you need for the foundation will be in the kit – including a bit of bling and of course a bezel and ribbon.

Please Bring
Acrylic Paint Рat least 3 shades and 2 neutrals such as grey and cr̬me
Paper that you wish to work with
Jewelry Findings
Flat Paint Brush
Round Paint Brush
#2 Pencil

Color Pencils (I will have mine on hand)
Rubber Stamps
Heat Gun (craft variety)
Hair Dryer

Teacher: Riki Schumacher


Price: $170 includes kit fee

Location: Chateau Grenzer

Time: 10-5PM

These sweet frames measure only about 2”-3”, so they are truly a keepsake that will be cherished. You can also opt make a pendant out of your amazing creation as well. Just bring some chain, heavy jump rings, beads/gems and a clasp, and voila…a necklace!  Gather up your beautiful vintage rhinestone embellishments, beads/gems, treasures, stampings, vintage pieces, and whatever you have collected to adorn your oh so tres chic frame.  There will be a variety of items I will bring for purchase as well.  Won’t you join me in creating this precious and personal treasure? Can’t you already hear Edith Piaf in the distance? They are so ooh la la! It really helps to have some torch soldering experience for this fast paced workshop.

Kit includes: use of some soldering equipment, tools, materials, mini hardware, 20ga copper wire, polishing pads, sheet metal, gallery wire, spacers and mica.

Supplies provided by teacher include punch set, drills, additional mini hardware, various metal and jewelry making tools, mandrels, a couple soldering stations, including torches, pliers and heat safe surfaces. Also provided, flux brushes, flux, patina, additional mini hardware, files, metal letter stamps, sand paper, paint brushes, extra metal for purchase, lamp wire, texture hammers, drill, mini anvil and adhesives. Additional found objects and rhinestone chain will be available for purchase.

Supply list for students:  To solder, bring a butane torch and fuel, a one quarter pound or half pound roll of lead free hardware solder with no resin, a heat safe surface (cookie sheet), a soldering brick, and cheap long nose pliers. Bring various objects to adorn the frame, like old jewelry, stampings, buttons, even a small pocket watch, a small photo to fit a 1” opening, and if you have any patterned metal, bring it for the back plate. Bring jewelry tools such as needle nose pliers, small flat nose pliers, round nose pliers, wire cutters, a rawhide or plastic hammer, steel block, fine grit metal files, metal shears, rubber block or rag. Also vintage or new silver tone rhinestone chain, vintage rhinestone earrings, buttons, fine tip permanent marker, scissors, paper, pencil, ruler.  If making a frame stand: bring a small roll (from hardware store) of 14ga brass wire.  If making a pendant from your frame: bring chain, some jump rings, a clasp, 20-ga wire, gems/pearls/crystals to fit the 20-ga wire. If you want to encrust your frame with pearls/crystals, bring tiny ones to cement on.  OPTIONAL: Ott light & extension cord, Opti-visors, mask for fumes, air absorber.